FiveTrends in Digital Illustration and Animation to Look Out For in 2018

The world of digital illustration and animation is ever changing and has a number of trends that are incorporated into a number of concepts constantly. To know what styles are trending, what colors are in style and what are the latest tools designers can use, keep reading the article below.

Here are the top 5 recent trends in digital illustration and animation to look out for:

Vibrant and Fluid color:

Color can convey a direct message, designers are often intrigued by the color palettes that are used by up and coming artists. Colors play a very important part in animation, they make the characters come alive and give them an identity. Young artists play around with colors and are using neon colors but in a soft manner so that it does not seem loud or garish. They play around with colors at a very advanced level and develop a skill on how to use color and which areas it should be applied.

Depth and Drama:

In the past, there was a demand for clean and organized shape and design in digital illustration and animation, but now artists are willing to take risks and experiment, they want to push the boundaries and see how deep they can take a concept and what are the potential results. This is done by playing around with light, depth, colors, and shadows.  Improved technology is the result of artists taking such bold moves in their work, with the accessibility of better tools and methods they are able to experiment with various styles.

Motion and animation:

When an art student graduates from college, the teachers should leave them with the knowledge that will help them survive the real world; this means practical knowledge more than theory and also guarantee their success after they leave the collegiate world. Motion is the main challenge for today’s young animators and illustrators; if they do not know how to make their work move then they can lose major opportunities.

Photo collage animation:

Illustrators and animators who combine imagery and traditional design in an abstract and collage style are very much in demand. Collage style is a great way to mix up various concepts to form a big concept in the end and also it is much easier to use an existing concept to tell a story.

Digital illustrators andanimators as entrepreneurs:

Young artists are using social media as an excellent platform to promote their work and gain clients and business. They create work and share it regularly on social media. It is mostly to increase their average.


To remain stagnant is to wither away with time, to avoid doing so you have to keep with the trends and be super adaptable with the upcoming styles of digital illustration and animation.

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