Configure Your Browsers To Use Hideme Web Proxy Services

In layman’s words, web proxy servers allow the user to surf websites without letting the destination server know the actual IP address. This means an intermediary service increase the privacy by hiding your IP address and routing all traffic through different servers or IP addresses. Multiple services are there online which will provide you with hideme feature. The basic versions are generally free of cost.


Configure your Internet Browser

Proxy servers can be used in various browsers, some depend on other service providers and few use proxy servers on their own. Whatever you choose to do there are various steps to configure your system with proxy servers. Below are steps for internet explorer settings that can make use of hideme web proxy service:

  • Go to Tools Menu in the Internet Explorer- Click on Internet Options- Connections Tab- LAN Settings
  • You will find Proxy server- Click Use proxy server in the checkbox
  • In Address box- Type the IP address of the proxy server
  • There is a Port Box- type Port number- used by the proxy server
  • Click on Bypass proxy server for local addresses checkbox
  • Click OK to close LAN Settings and Internet Options dialog Box.

The configuration has automatic and manual configuration modes. Similar steps are used for Explorer 6 and 5. Proxy servers can be easily configured on Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Safari versions and a hideme proxy is compatible with all popular websites.

Enter your desired website and unblock the websites, so what’s the wait?

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