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The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Lava Rock

The classical red/brown lava rock will not continue to be the only material we will discuss, as there are other alternatives such as black lavasteen kopen, black lava glass, natural fiberglass, and landscape glass. This is the first thing you should know. These alternatives follow most of the same design rules. Lava rocks, lava glass, as well as many shades of fire or landscape glass have dark earthy tones that balance the moody greens of the pools and other colors that develop from the arid vegetation.

The glossy surface of synthetic lava glass makes it useful for minimalist, dry, non-reflective decor environments, as it is made from compressed volcanic glass. In terms of reflective surfaces, reflective fire glass comes in a close second to natural fiberglass, followed by landscape glass. Decoratively, large chunky landscape glass works well in cold modern themes when paired with similar colors to blend in better with lavasteen kopen.

garden design

Natural fiberglass is best paired with similar colors, so it blends in better with the rest of the decor. For all strong assets, the best rule of thumb is to balance everything out by blending them with pale tertiary background elements and adding complementary lighter touches in the same tone. Use red, beige, light pink, or pale brown colors to do this. Try out a medium asset like red lava rocks if you’re still intimidated. You can experiment with this color without any design experience if you want it in complementary contrast with dark greens or as an accent with tan flagstone without any issues.

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