Solution for Contact Lenses in Singapore

Contact lens wearers should take extra care of their eye health. You may have irritation and infection if you have bacteria in your lenses. Having the correct solution for your lens maintenance, particularly for your monthly lenses, is vital. Clearlab is here to help you choose the right contact lens solutions with our premium monthly contact lenses. Know all about contact lens solution.

Clearlab Contact Lens Solution: Why Use It?

We developed Eyedia Lens Care Solution to eliminate protein & lipid deposits that might irritate or irritate the eyes or cause vision problems. Dust and pollen may be removed from the air as well as from the workplace using this machine. Using the Eyedea Lens Care solution, you may adequately disinfect your monthly contact lenses by killing hazardous germs and pathogens. In addition, the lenses’ wetting & water retention are improved by adding six moisturizing hydroxyl groups to the coating.

For monthly contact lens solutions from Clearlab

Providing our consumers with the finest contact lenses and lens care products is Clearlab’s goal. At Contact Lens Solutions, we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality contact lens solutions supported by scientific research and clinical testing, all at a price you can afford. You can maximize the benefits of your monthly lenses if you use our high-quality contact lens solution. You may order a sample of our Eyedia Eye Care Solution in Singapore by shopping online!

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