Luxury homes in dallas tx

Luxurious Dream Homes

Everyone dreams of a superior living experience. Fast and sleek cars, expensive and tailored clothes, and luxurious home in an area of utmost exclusivity. It may not be long, and better to be prepared. Try to familiarize yourself with the more popular home designs before going on that house-hunting trip.

The Seven Most Popular Home Designs

  • Craftsman Bungalow

The Arts and Crafts Movement of the early 20th century handcrafted elements and natural materials like stone, brick, and wood. Generally one story, it aims to negate industrialization and extravagance.

This architectural style is identified by its sloping roofs, deep front porches, big, squared-off columns, and double-hung windows.

  • Ranch

One of the more popular designs, ranch-style homes come in sprawling, one-story, open floor plans. Low rooflines and attached front garages complete the picture.

  • Mediterranean

Warmer states like Florida and California boasts of Mediterranean style homes which drew inspiration from the European countries Spain, Italy, and Portugal. Red-tiled roofs, elaborate arches, and balconies make one feel that they are in a different part of the world. Ornamental and beautifully colored tiles add a romantic touch to this casa.

Luxury homes in dallas tx

  • Cape Cod

Often used as a setting for romantic novels, this 17th century style home looks picture perfect. With steep thatched roof, large centrally located chimney and dormer windows. Cedar shingle sidings and a front door framed by symmetrical windows make this home a true classic.

  • Queen Anne

The end of the civil war saw the emergence of this Victorian era home. It comes alive with radiant colors and is artistically asymmetrical. It often comes with a steeply pitched roof, a front-facing gable, and the very recognizable turrets. Its complex design and grand front porch give it the look of a pretty dollhouse.

  • Tudor

Dating back to the early 16th century Tudor dynasty of England, the Tudor style home is characterized by a prominent steep, multi-gabled roof and aesthetic half-timber framing. Tall, narrow windows give this home a medieval feel.

  • Neoclassical

Neoclassical homes radiate magnificence and splendor. This style seems to go back to the classics of Greek and Roman architecture with their commanding facade of full height and columned front porches. It is characterized as well by massive and symmetrical floor plans, simplicity of form and uncluttered appearance.

Your dream home may be just around the corner, or maybe on the other side of the state. Luxury homes in dallas tx can show you around until you finally find the one you have always wanted.

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