Helpful TIPS to Have A Baby BOY

 Are you excited to have a baby? Have you decided which gender you would prefer? Moms would usually want a girl, but dads would think otherwise! But there are parents who would say that you can’t really choose. Well, that is partially true. There are rumors that you can actually choose the gender of your baby. Wouldnt that be convenient?

            But before the tricks to have a baby boy, you should know how your menstrual cycle works. If you have a deeper understanding of your intimate monthly details, then you would be able to use your fertility calculator or your ovulation calendar to determine your “fertile window”. To put it simply, these are the days when you are at your most fertile.

How to Conceive A BOY

            Most people think that chances to conceive a boy are 50/50. But little did they know that you can actually find the perfect timing to be able to have a baby boy. The date you conceive could have a great result in favor of having a boy. However, chances are really small, but it would still be worth a try. According to science, male sperm are fast swimmers. They are able to reach the egg quickly. For you to conceive a boy, you can use your fertility calculator to determine your fertile days and mark your ovulation calendar. The conception should be 24 hours before the ovulation and 12 hours after the ovulation. This are the best schedules to conceive a baby boy.

The trick here is that you should be accurate in determining your fertile days. Use a fertility calculator as much as possible for a more precise calculation. Some people say that this technique works. Though it is not proven to be true, who knows? You might be one of the lucky parents of a healthy baby boy.

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