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How to choose your wedding photographer

I think this is one of the issues that most worry brides and grooms? And the photographer’s choice of your wedding is indeed essential. Why? What will remain after the marriage is over? Your half obviously, your wedding rings, and your memories … So as well choose who will be responsible for immortalizing your day. But where to start? Here are some ways to choose your wedding photographer.


First and foremost, set the budget you can give to the image based on your overall budget and priorities. The idea is not to tell you which envelope you must imperatively grant to this post, it belongs only to you, but to have well in mind this one, and to contact the photographers whose services correspond to that -this. You will avoid disappointments and disappointments.

On average today in France, count between 1500 and 3000 Euros for the performance of a professional photographer. This estimate varies depending on the different options available, the duration of the report (if the photographer is present for example until the cocktail, or for the evening as well), the number of images that can be made, the realization of an album, possible draws, its notoriety … The technique used can also tip the budget balance. Photographers actual day wedding photography Singapore working for example in the film are often more expensive, because of the material used.

wedding photographer


It is imperative to identify the style of images that you and your other half like. And you must agree with you. You will be sure to be after the wedding, both delighted with the result.

Once you have found the pictures that speak to you the most, look for photographers who work in this style. And only this one. The best way to be disappointed with your wedding photos would be to have chosen a person of a certain style and ask him to render your images in a style quite different from his. Neither you nor he would be happy with the result

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