Different types of sunrooms

A lean-to conservatory is inexpensive and therefore widespread. It is a simple monopitch roof construction that is attached to the building. Some manufacturers also integrate a so-called solar kink in the lean-to conservatory and this means that the front half of the roof is more inclined than the rear increase the incidence of light when the sun is low. It takes a little creative skill to connect a lean-to conservatory so add a sunroom in Fort Smith, AR with the existing house in an architecturally appealing way. As many building lines as possible should be continued with the extension and the choice of building material and paint should be based on the residential building.

A polygon conservatory is a somewhat more complex design. The hexagonal or polygonal floor plan is reminiscent of a pavilion. This variant of the lean-to winter garden is more aesthetically pleasing, especially for houses with similarly designed roofs. However, the space utilization is not optimal because of the non-rectangular basic shape. In addition, it should be taken into account during construction that the installation of shading is associated with greater effort, depending on the number of corners. Incidence of light and heat is cheaper with a polygon than with a square. The light is reflected less strongly because it always hits one of the side surfaces at a relatively obtuse angle. In addition, the ratio of air volume to theexternal surface becomes more favourable the closer the floor plan approaches the circular shape. That is why the polygon winter garden does not cool down so quickly in the cold season.

A corner conservatory is the most expensive construction method. The roof construction is complex and you have to build in more glass for the same usable area. In addition, the static requirements are higher because the house wall is only partially integrated into the supporting structure. But the advantages are also obvious: you have a panoramic view of 270 degrees into the garden and, depending on the orientation of the winter garden, you can take advantage of the full sunshine from morning to evening. Many conservatory manufacturers who used to specialize in greenhouse construction now have such largely free-standing models in their product range.

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