Effects of Technology on Music Distribution

The innovation of technology has brought many opportunities to the music industry in the area of production and distribution. Transportation accessibility that came along with the technological advancements has allowed the record labels to disperse music all around the globe. The advancement of the computer and the Internet was likewise a great distribution advantage for the music industry and ought not to be underestimated. The music industry got numerous opportunities since it is no longer constrained to TV and  radio.

Technology has significantly contributed to the distribution of music, for example, the MP3. It had made music distribution simpler. And now, online music streaming has been made available like Spotify. With this, it allows listeners to stream music online and offline- anytime and anywhere.

Music Production

The advancements in music production equipment have prompted companies wanting to make more profit by recording in high quality and distributing their records that are easily accessible to a wide audience. With these developments, companies began to search for better approaches in the distribution of music that could enable them to disperse their records on a worldwide scale.

Music Distribution

  1. Transportation

The transportation before the invention of the flying machine was hard and took a lengthy timespan. The merchandise was mostly transported by trains and ships. With the invention of aircraft, air cargo and ship transportation were primarily used for transporting merchandise. Utilizing these improvements, record companies began to utilize these ways of transportation to distribute their records all around the globe rapidly.

  1. Computers and The Internet

Before, records were put away generally in WAV record arranged in computers. However, WAV records are huge in size. Moving these over the web would take a significant period of time. Then, MP3 was invented. The MP3 file format takes the original recording and gives us a small size file yet high in sound quality. With this technological development, label companies needed to exploit this expansion in availability and subsequently offered licenses to dispersing companies. Presently, iTunes and many other sites enable users to download MP3 music records at a specific cost.

In addition, Internet accessibility enabled label companies, or even individuals, numerous opportunities to advertise or promote their records.

In contrast to local billboards and TV or Radio advertisements, label companies can stretch out their range to a worldwide scale. Many local and global music labels have accounts on Facebook, MySpace, and the most recent is the purchase Spotify Plays, where they can simply promote their records on these sites. Spotipromo gives great opportunities to artists to promote their music and gather and monitor the number of followers.

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