aluminium profile

Things to know about Aluminium

Aluminum is generally less resistant to tension and compression than steel. As a result, it has the property of being easier to shape. This disadvantage can be compensated for by optimized profile geometries. The most popular profile shapes to date are aluminum U-profiles, aluminum T-profiles and the aluminum Z-profile.But the demand for round bars, round tubes and angles made of aluminum is not low either. In order to increase the so-called section modulus, a maximum amount of material is placed at the edge of the geometry during the design and production of the aluminum construction profiles. Ready-to-install aluminium profile singapore available in hardware stores are coated with an anodic oxidation layer, which is applied using a special anodising process. This is necessary to protect the these profiles from corrosion even after processing. These profiles can be used individually due to their low weight and optimal formability.

These profiles are screwed or jammed. There are very different connection techniques for this, which can vary depending on how the profile ends are processed. They are suitable for the assembly of many different products, such as work tables, fences, frames of all kinds or conversions.

The simplest form of profile connection is the screw connection. A through hole is made here in one of the profiles and connected to the screw channel of the counter profile with the corresponding screw. Other special connections usually require complex machining and preparation of the profile ends. However, this has the disadvantage that it weakens the overall structure of the profile.

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