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Save your time and Money with Automate Excel

If you’ve never used excel software, they should know that you are missing out on an essential tool for various business needs. There are different types of excel, and excel roadmap template is one of the commonly used excel. Another one is Automate Excel, which is named with ribbon and added in Excel sheet. For Automate Excel, you will have to download and install it.

Up to this point, is it known that MS excel that widely used and sturdy, and also is currently available in the market. Also, it is that if you want to carry out an advanced task, you will require to use either macros Excel or Excel add-ins. It is because MS Excel doesn’t have what it takes to offer to solve the task quickly. Automate Excel was introduced in the market through the same concept. Here are the advantages of using Automate excel:

Used to remove or locate replica in Excel

Excel utility is usually used to remove or find duplicate in Excel. From the chosen cells, it eliminates more space, trailing space, leading, or even both. It is an Excel add-in that is also usually used to clean junk files in Excel. They all have all kinds of characters, such as non-numeric, non-alphabetic, alphabetic, and lower case, upper case. Also, any defined user characters can be eliminated from designated cells with just a click.

roadmap template

 Used to eliminate formatting designated sale

 It is also used to eliminate formatting from designated cells. With this feature, we can remove cell color, hyperlinks, comments, border, and font color. Also, it is a tool that has a change case facility, text insertion on user define the position, defined user text designated, and word-count facility. Also, other advanced tasks can be carried out by Excel add-in. For instance, you can convert the column data workbooks into a tabular form. Also, you can attach an Excel sheet or workbook direct with outlook, two or more can workbooks can combine with multiple sheets inserted.

Online support manual

Most types of excel, for instance, excel roadmap template, comes with online manual support that illustrates how to use any excel. This manual is written with simple language, including the snapshots, to make the user understand it perfectly. It has come with feedback options ASAP, which users can send their feedback and valuable suggestion straight to the developers.


All versions of Excel are supported by various operating systems, including Win7, Vista, Win XP, and Vista, thus makes it more reliable.

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