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Filing For Company Formation

The company registration, also called the company’s registration, is the process of recognizing a company as a corporation, which means that it acquires its own legal status, different from the status of the people who own a company.

The formation of the company occurs in the Hong Kong quite quickly. The fastest ignition, which took place in the registry, lasted only five minutes. Although this is an extreme example, in most cases they are generated electronically the same day the application was submitted. When requesting the registration of a paper company, this process may take approximately one month.

A company can be formed by an individual, a lawyer, specialized agents or accountants. In some cases, the company formation hong kong can be outsourced to agents who specialize in this area. Most of these agents will do this for less than one hundred pounds.

intellectual property

There are ten types of companies that have the right to start a business. These are industrial companies and suppliers, limited liability companies, limited companies, limited companies, limited public corporations, limited private companies, unlimited shares, Societas Europaea, Royal Charters and representative companies and interests of the community. The rules that govern each type of company are different, and the choice between each of these options will depend on the purpose of the business, as well as the business strategy.

 Sending in electronic format:

To request the registration of the company in electronic format, you must use software that is compatible with the electronic registration service of Companies House. You must also create an account in the Registration Chamber. Agents that specialize in creating companies have direct access to the Registry Chamber, which allows them to electronically search the company’s name and send it. Each of these agents has its own application process to register a company, but all legal agents have been approved by the Chamber of Registry in the process of integration testing and can benefit from intellectual property services.

Filling the paper method:

To request the creation of a company through a paper process, a company must submit three documents to the Business Registry along with the registration fee in accordance with the Companies Act of 2006. The first document to present is the Charter. This document, sometimes referred to simply as “articles,” explains what the company’s internal rules will be. The document must be signed by the subscriber before the witness. As of 2006, it is now possible to file without a letter. If this option is selected, the company will be assigned articles by default.

The second document presented in the process is form IN01. It provides the Company Registry with information on the proposed location of the company. He will request information about secretaries and directors, as well as subscribers. It will also request information about the amount of capital invested in the business through shares, if any. The form also requires a Declaration of compliance, which establishes that all the requirements of the Companies Act have been met.

The third document that must be submitted to create a company is a Memorandum of Association. This document is simply a list of the names and signatures of all the subscribers who wish to start a business. If the company is limited to shares, subscribers must also declare that they commit to buy at least one share each. The Registry Chamber website provides a template for this form.

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