commercial cleaning singapore

Determine the scope of work.

Provide as much information as possible so that the cleaning company can make appropriate recommendations. This will also assist the cleaning company in planning and allocating the necessary manpower to provide the required cleaning services. The scope of work should include -.

  1. Protected premises – provide a list of items to be inspected, the total number of items to be inspected and equipment details. The protected premises should include the type of floor and cleaning of the entire floor surface and a structural drawing/plan of the premises.
  2. Hours of Operation – include the hours of operation of the cleaning service (peak and off-peak hours).
  3. Work Schedule – an appropriate work schedule must be provided, including the type and frequency of cleaning required in the conservation area for better asset management.
  4. Other Services – If services other than commercial cleaning singapore services are required (e.g., waste disposal, breakdown maintenance, pest control), they must be included in the contract.
  5. Failure Reporting Procedure – A failure reporting procedure and consumer advisory service should be in place to ensure that all reported failures are promptly addressed and rectified. Examples of faults include leaky or clogged faucets, overflowing garbage cans and spills.
  6. pandemic event – In the event of a pandemic, the service recipient shall agree with the service provider on an applicable deployment plan to meet and accomplish the objectives specified in the contract.
  7. Deployment Proposal – In order for the Service Provider to accurately plan and submit a deployment proposal, the Service Recipient must communicate its requirements, including the type of cleaner and the date and time.

It is important to evaluate the suitability and effectiveness of the kit, materials, work schedule, and deployment proposal/plan submitted by the service provider by analyzing the proposal responses.

Service Quality Controls

Service standards measure a service provider’s willingness to meet the performance requirements set by the service buyer and determine an important part of the service provider’s performance. Your inspection methods will include

  1. inspection guide… Depending on the volume of work in your facility, detail the inspection points for entrances, elevators, lounges, meeting rooms, etc. The inspection should assess the exact cleanliness of the gadgets in the inspection program to facilitate grading.
  2. Performance Score – Determine and provide a score (e.g., on a scale of 1 to 5) for each inspection and communicate it to the service provider to evaluate its performance. This can be best observed by reviewing each event together, if possible. The determination of the performance rating should be explained in advance.
  3. Inspection and response time – immediately after completion of the cleaning. In addition, the service provider’s response time to special requests during and after business hours is measured. Requests are divided into categories ranging from non-critical to very critical, primarily based on the priority of the work.

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