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If you are wondering which heating system to choose, it is important to know some characteristics in order to understand the differences between the various types. Knowing more will allow you to evaluate even the most suitable system for your case, but beware: the “do it yourself” does not reward in these situations. The choice of the heating system requires the evaluation of an expert technician, who will be able to show you the latest generation machines and high-performance systems to help you save on bills and protect the environment. Furthermore, a qualified professional will be able to guide you in the design of systems already set up for optimal maintenance, and guarantee you access to incentives for energy redevelopment, building renovation and access to the Thermal Account electrical contractors in Birmingham, AL.

So let’s take a look at the main types of systems based on the parameters listed above.


The heating systems can be powered by both a boiler and a heat pump . The choice of generator can also influence the choice of terminals . Because? With a boiler we will have water at a high temperature able to feed any type of terminal; using a heat pump, on the other hand, we will have to prefer steel or aluminum radiators, which can be powered by water at a medium temperature.

Heating systems can also be powered by alternative sources , such as solar energy , or from geothermal sources , through the use of geothermal heat pumps. In any case, for systems powered by solar energy, it is always necessary to provide an auxiliary generator of the traditional type.

The cheapest solution , among these, is certainly the boiler, but it is also the one with lower performance from an energy point of view. Heat pumps and solar panels are the most technologically advanced solutions and, even if they require a higher initial investment, they guarantee a high level of energy savings and allow access to state incentives : thus costs are significantly amortized over time.


Heating systems can also be distinguished on the basis of the heat transfer fluid used by the system to transport and distribute the thermal energy produced. Depending on the type of heat transfer fluid , heating systems are classified into.

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