car tyre repair

The best of Car Tyre Repair Service!

A tire is round in size installed at the rim of the vehicle for a smooth transportation system. Running the vehicle on the concrete surface without a tire will increase the friction, leading to an increased power supply. Imagine a car running on the road without a tire; it is absurd to think about. It can be practically said that to run a vehicle, a car tyre repairis a must.

The procedure involved in the production of Tire:

The blending of Tires: All the ingredients necessary to manufacture tires are placed in the blender. The proportion of ingredients depends on the type of tire the manufacturer is willing to produce. It blends the entire component into a sticky compound which is later sent for milling.

  • Milling of tires

After the compound is received from the blender, it is cooled down and given in the shape of the necessary rim. It involves cutting and drilling the sticky compound in the proper shape and size.

  • Building of Tire

All the components of the tire are placed in this technique. Steel belts, beads, and other components are installed in the tire.

  • Cure of Tires

All the parts of the tire are properly placed, and they are compressed through this technique. The procedure is done to check that all the components are in the right place and at the right time.   

Check tire pressure

Regularly check that the tire is not over or underinflated. Both the cases cause extra strain on the tire and hence resulting in damage. Underinflation results in poor fuel economy as it exerts extra strain on the engine. It also reduces car tyre repair lifespan. On the other hand, overinflation is equally harmful as it increases wear in a car’s tread.


Regular inspection once a month won’t take much time. You can be sure about the safety your tire is providing and does it require a replacement in recent times. Remove any stones if stuck in the car’s tread, for they cause wear to the tire.

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