us immigration consultant hong kong

Creates Special Path To Get Your Citizenship In Us And Canada Without Struggles

EB-5 is called employment-based immigration program. It is the best way for people around the world to get their green card to be the US residence. For this process, first need to locate a project in the US that is EB5 project.  Income is the main source for this project.  It is around the range of 1 million or 500000 must in the area of unemployment, as to create 10 jobs for unemployed.  After the completion of two years in the US as a resident, the petition has been approved by USCIS. The person must be in the US, in this two year period,  need to go out if there went must be with the US re-permit permission. Approximately processing time will vary between 9 months to some immigration consultant hong kong

The basic things invested around 500000 dollars and in the legal project in US.  He /she must earn 1 million dollars or 200000 dollars per annum.  Here us immigration consultant hong kong is best to get a green card,  no need to be fluent in English,  no restriction to stay anywhere in us,  no need to confirm age, qualification or experience in the carrier. And for Canada must have experience in the management field for at least two years with the agreement of 1200000 dollars investment and it will be refunded after 5 years completion.  Have to pass the exam in medical and criminal. Here  canada immigration consultant hong kong gave special counseling and creates a path to get this citizenship in the the US and Canada, and it is the right way.

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