protection against 5g

Things to keep in mind when protecting yourself against 5g

Employing The Inverse Law of Physics, keeping a safe distance between the areas you spend your time in and 5g radiation is a crucial key in curtailing your exposure to 5g radiation. protection against 5g begins with alienating yourself from the gadgets, appliances, and devices that give 5G radiation.

Listed below are a few ways of doing this.

At night, ensure that you do not keep your mobile phone anywhere close to the bed, on the nightstand, or under the pillow in the worst cases scenarios. Mobile phones give you an enormous susceptibility hazard because you carry them with you all day and all night.  As 5G goes on to be enforced, keeping your mobile phones away from the place where we usually sleep and more essentially far away from our bodies is the most favorable thing you can do.

Keep your smartphone far away from the body as much as you can. A few people keep it in their pockets or some women in the bra while going about the day. A few others keep it near or on their body, however, the nicest thing you can do is to keep it in the purse, briefcase, backpack, or at a place where it does not touch the body. If you are unable to prevent this then ensure you buy a good quality EMF safety phone case and always make sure the side that has EMF safety faces your body at all times.

Rather than keeping your mobile phone near your head when you make or receive calls, consider employing a pair of headphones or speakerphones. They will enable you to keep your mobile phone away from the head and it will lower your exposure to hearing radiation. These steps ensure you avoid the harmful radiation of 5g.

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