What’s Melanotan 2 and How Injectable Tan Works?

Melanin produces a particular type of the skin pigment that protects the skin from UV radiation & damage. It is considered as our body’s natural sunscreen. Having low levels melanin mean that skin is susceptible to the DNA damage with high sun exposure.

Melanotan come in 2 different variations, they are Melanotan I & II, and comparable injectable tans resolve increasing levels of the pigment in skin known as melanin. Melanin forms one important part of the body’s natural reaction to harmful sun rays, and when levels of such pigment gets increased, it leads to skin darkening in the colour, called tanning. Both the Melanotan forms (other tanning injections) can be diluted with the sterile water before they get injected.

How Does MT2 Function?

MT2 peptide generally works by stimulating production of the melanin that controls pigment in skin. As per the studies on rats showed were given M2 and less exposure to UV rays was required to darken their skin compared to the regular UV exposure. Resulting skin darkening was the deeper & long lasting change that was noticed.

Why Must Use MT2?

This peptide is mainly appropriate for a healthy adult who wants to get safe and even glow through the naturally occurring hormone that is emitted by your body, without any damage of the natural sunlight, tanning bed and topical tanning chemicals. It’s best for any adult who wants to increase their libido in a natural way.

Clinical research recommends that Melanotan 2 can;

  • Promote tanning.
  • Aphrodisiac effects and strong erections for men.
  • Improve recovery for crushed nerves and muscles.
  • Helps in weight loss.
  • Studied for further potential neuroprotective advantages.

Melanotan II works to stimulate melanin production that depends on several factors like user’s skin type, body weight, UV rays exposure and more. Scientific term used for tanning is melanogenesis, and it’s natural protection of your body against any kind of damage from the harmful UV rays that includes damage to your skin’s DNA. In a natural process known as ultrafast internal conversion, melanin in your skin cells can easily absorb these harmful UV rays from sun, converts it in heat and causes skin to tan.

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