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Men’s Journal is an American magazine focusing on the lifestyle and outdoor recreation of a man. It is focused on fashion, style, fitness, health relating issues regarding men. In 1992, Jann Wenner tried to create an active lifestyle for men for adventurous and discerning life. With time the magazine wanted to reach people on a larger scale; thus, it launched its site which, in today’s date, is one of the leading sites regarding fashion for men.

Site Details

The site has very interactive and interesting UX, which helps the consumer engaged the has been primarily divided into 7 sections, namely:

  • Gear

The gear section of the site contains all the trends of fashion. The site keeps its users updated with the recent styles that have become popular globally, thus helping its users adapt to different trends in this fast-changing world.

  • Health and Fitness 

This section of this lucrative site contains all the exercises for men to do and maintain their diet and fitness to hold their shape and stay fit. This adds to the utility provided by the website.

  • Food and Drink

It contains beverages for those who want to have drinks at night and food to satisfy their appetite to cherish up the heavy moods of the people.

  • Travel does not miss out on one of the most important aspects of adventurous life that is travel. It contains travel guides and weekend plans for its users, making it very efficient and easy to plan their holidays without much effort.


Thus, the NewYork based company is now using 60 technology products on their site, including HTML, Google Analytics, jQueryetc and is now surging to develop stores worldwide and sell its merchandise. Thus, has led the charts in men’s fashion and is very handy for all men.


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