What’s Shincheonji and is it really a cult?”

Shincheonji also spelled as “Shinchonji”, is the pseudo-Christian religion practiced mainly in South Korea. The official name of the religion is “Shincheonji, also called as Temple of Tabernacle of Testimony.” This was founded in the year 1980s by Lee Man-Hee and at present claims only under 200,000 adherents.  Word Shincheonji is the combination of Korean translations for the “new,” “heaven,” & “earth.” This group has always been criticized for academically weak and shallow teachings, and taking figurative view of the biblical texts, Korean cult atmosphere, and members’ involvement in different civil, social, and legal troubles. Here we will look at this aspect clearly.

Visiting the Church and Learning New Things

Teachings of the Church

Shincheonji church is highly active in cultural & volunteer efforts. This church runs many social-action organizations that disguise relationship to the teachings of Shincheonji. One of their famous events is the Olympics-style of athletics festival. Word cult is quite controversial and will be tough to define. By the common use of this term, it will be right to consider Shincheonji as a large and very successful cult. This group is generally headed by the single and charismatic leader, named Lee Man-Hee that claims of having certain special ability of interpreting the Bible. Whenever challenged his authority, Hee can be evasive, and he often implies that he’s immortal and salvation needs faith in him than Jesus Christ. Actually, Shincheonji church educates that Bible is mainly composed of the metaphors, and he has that spiritual gift for interpreting them correctly.

Wrap Up

Cults generally practice indoctrination instead of education. Shincheonji provides free Bible classes that are slanted toward such theology. But, people involved in SJC also are taught the counter-evidence and other types of discussion that tests their faith. It causes them ignore reasons, facts, and proof that contradict Hee’s teaching. In

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