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Get the Best vegan dinner at the LevelL33 website

In collaboration with Local Singapore, this rooftop dining place presents vegetarian hi-tea on all weekday of the month. It relishes a guilt-free afternoon with their specially curated menu whereas dominating the read of the docking facility Bay. You should try their fantastic vegan hi-tea menu which includes major five savories from LevelL33 & four desserts from Locaba Singapore. All their delicious desserts are low-carb, protein-free, keto-friendly, and have no sugar.

You can also look for their fantastic Monday brews

They have you lined from ranging from five Gregorian calendar month, Monday, at their relish and refreshing house-brewed craft beers. Brewed solely with hops from Tasmania. It is a golden beer that presents a spread of fruity aromas associate degreed is an expression of the latest world craft beers.

You will experience a unique still tour at this rooftop dining place

The fantastic restaurant with a view tour LevelL33 is one of the world’s highest urban brewery with their resident brewmaster, Gabriel Garcia. There will be a 1.5 hour still tour that includes a half-liter taste-tester brew paddle of regular and seasonal beers. A brew tasting platter that you can share and a terrace table with uninterrupted views of the beautiful place of Singapore and its city district.

At the time of this fantastic tour at LevelL33, everybody can find out about the production method within the specially developed, eight-tonne progressive brewery system. That includes twelve tanks and therefore the 2 copper kettles custom, one in every of Europe’s oldest makers.

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