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Learning the Korean Language for Beginners

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, proficiency in other languages is a vital skill that will give you the opportunity to engage with the world – in a meaningful way. There are many foreign languages to learn but if you want something worthwhile, you should learn basic korean.

Here are some tips for learning the Korean language for beginners:

Master the Hangul learn basic korean
Mastering the Hangul can’t be emphasised enough. Many learners commit the mistake of learning the language through romanised Korean. The romanised system works if you only want to learn a few words. However, if you want to learn more, it is crucial to master the Korean alphabet.

Do not buy phrasebooks
Sometimes it is easy to make a conversation through phrasebooks. Phrasebooks can help but there are cases that you will have trouble getting the natives to understand you. You must know that Korean phrasebooks are full of expressions that the natives do not use.

Make use of flashcards every day
Flashcards are useful in stimulating your memory. Over time, you will notice that your brain will remember the concept from the flashcard. If you decided to make your own flashcards, you need to keep it simple. Try writing the Korean word on the front and its translation at the back.

Use it daily
You cannot expect to be better if you do not use it every day. There are many things that you can consider. If you commute in Korea, make sure that you engage with the people. If you have a Korean friend, ask to speak in Korean as much as possible.

Enroll in a course
If you are serious about results, it is time that you consider enrolling in a course. Language schools will provide a systematic way of learning through their carefully crafted curriculum. With language schools, you will be provided with books and effective visual aids.

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