Handyman services

What Are Handyman Services?

A handyman is a small business or individual who specializes in small repairs and repairs of buildings, homes and the like.

Most handymen work in a labour-intensive, self-employed capacity. They can be either full-time employees or their own independent contractors, though in most cases, they are self-employed and work as their own business or on a per-job basis.

While they may not perform the same services as a plumber, electrician, carpenter or other tradesperson, the cost of a handyman visit or project can be significantly less than what it would cost a professional.

At the same time, a handyman’s specific set of skills may not be as specialized as those of a carpenter, plumber or electrician, so some handyman services may require a broader skill set. For instance, handyman services in Garden Valley  carpenters and electricians can often install drywall while handymen may perform the task themselves or contract out drywall installation to another professional.

Handyman Services: What Is Included in the Service?

The scope of work depends on the nature of the project, but most handyman services include one or more of the following:

Repairing or maintaining a structure such as an exterior wall, fence, shed or home

Improving a structure or area by painting, cleaning or installing drywall, flooring or other materials

Fixing an area that is in disrepair such as trim, doors, locks, gutters, or an appliance

Repairs or maintenance of an electrical device or appliance, such as a power supply, fuse box, light switch, refrigerator or toilet

Any professional plumbing, wiring, HVAC, or building repair, improvement, renovation or maintenance

For a more extensive list of a handyman’s services, as well as the many tasks they can perform, see our Handyman Services page.

Handyman Services: Who Should Use Them?

A handyman service is ideal for a wide range of home and building projects. While skilled handyman service providers can work in the home or commercial setting, they are most often employed by homeowners who need a quick, inexpensive fix. If you need to repair or maintain an item, a handyman service is typically much more affordable than hiring a professional, even if it is an electrician.

More often than not, a handyman service can be less expensive than a plumber or electrician, who would typically charge approximately $100 per hour. Some handyman services also include labor that professionals generally charge for in addition to their hourly rate. This can be as high as $40 to $100 per hour.

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