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The 10 Most Fuel Inefficient Trucks and SUVs for Sale in 2010

The concept of bad fuel economy is truly misunderstood by most average truck and SUV shoppers. When they look at a window sticker and see the city and highway numbers they aren’t taking into account the fact that this vehicle has full-time all-wheel drive, that it weighs 3 tons or that it has seating for nine people. They are just thinking about how much money they are going to have to charge on their card to keep that puppy running.

First off, it is far easier for a two-wheel drive economy car to get better gas mileage than any vehicle with four or all wheel drive because there are higher friction losses to the engine when all four wheels are spinning. As for weight, it is the enemy of fuel efficiency but has ballooned in recent years thanks to consumer/Government demand for safer vehicles. Do you think airbags don’t weigh anything?

But there are some vehicles which, even taking into consideration their weight, safety and use of all-wheel drive, just don’t cut it in today’s world when it comes to fuel economy. They are the dinosaurs so take this list as you will. Some may see it as a reason to rush out and buy these gas-guzzlers for sentimental purposes while still others will shrink back to their Priuses and hiss. Either way, gas prices will eventually go up again and how much you want to spend on it depends entirely on you.

2010 Mercedes ML AMG63-(11 city/15 highway)

For such a small five seat SUV that is so rarely ever going to go off-road this is really a pathetic fuel economy number. Granted, the 6.3 liter V8 pumps out 500 horsepower but it also does so in better packaged and more fuel efficient AMG/Mercedes models. ekspedisi Jakarta

Nissan Titan 4wd-(12 city/17 highway)

The Titan has always been the also ran in the full-size pickup world and its engine, while powerful, really doesn’t cut the mustard fuel economy wise. It is amazing that vehicles with just an open cargo bay (trucks) can be so heavy and inefficient. Much of the fault for that weight goes to the need for heavy duty suspensions to cater to the off-road 4-wheel drive crowd.

BMW X5M and X6M-(12 city/17 highway)

Granted, the twin-turbocharged V8 engines in these recent sporting M editions pump out 555 horsepower but do you really need that much power in an SUV? Aren’t they usually used for more sedate family duties? Stick with the awesome 3.0 liter turbodiesel of the X5 as it pumps out 444 pound feet of torque and gets fuel economy in the twenties.

Ford Ranger 4wd-(14 city/18 highway)

This positively ancient 4.0 liter V6 variant of the utterly ancient Ranger compact pickup only puts out a little over 200 horsepower. That is just pathetic in this day and age.

Toyota Tacoma 4wd-(14 city/18 highway)

At least the V6 in this manual 4-wheel drive Tacoma puts out 240 horsepower which still isn’t much considering the economy on hand. With efficiency like this there is no point in not buying a full size truck.

Porsche Cayenne GTS-(11 city/17 highway)

This limited edition, manual transmission equipped version of the ridiculous Porsche Cayenne SUV gets atrocious mileage, is pig ugly and ridiculously heavy. Porsche should be able to do better or stick to sports cars.

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8-(12 city/16 highway)

This low to the ground drag racing 5-seat SUV is a vehicle without a point. With this much power and inefficiency wouldn’t you at least like a third row of seats?

Range Rover Sport Supercharged-(12 city/17 highway)

This sort of economy from an engine that doesn’t really feel all that fast (despite its horsepower numbers) should be proof enough that this is another show car without any point. Bred for posing and not any actual use, this kind of SUV will soon be extinct. If you want a British SUV buy the Range Rover or the family friendly 7-seat LR4.

GMC Sierra 6.2 Liter (Run on E85)-(9 city/13 highway)

This is the biggest engine available in the GMC Sierra and this is the economy you get if you run it on the “miracle fuel” E85. Problem when they were touting E85 as a savior of the environment is that no one mentioned how it makes bad fuel economy worse.

Toyota Tundra 4wd-(13 city/17 highway)

Really, not that the Big Three outshining the Japanese full size truck makers is something to celebrate but look at the F-150, Silverado and Ram! They usually get a mile or two better than these readings. Honestly, if a vehicle can’t crack 20 miles per gallon there is something wrong.

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