Fake ids make anyone 21 when they are only 18.  The search for the right place to get your novelty fake ids has ended here.  The right fake id for the right place on earth to live.  New York is where the action is and to not miss any of it is to get a fake id.  Age should not be a bar to enter a bar if you are self-disciplined.  The quality of the New York fake id is on par with the originals for you to have all fun in the dream city, New York.

  • New York fake id :

New York is the cherry on the cake US.  This is where everybody wants to be across the world.  Even the 9/11 attackers preferred more of New York than the other states of America.  Living in New York is a dream for not only the Americans but also for a lot of people around the world.  So fake id makers concentrate more and give more sophisticated fake ids cards for New York.

  • Payment options :

From Bitcoins to western union there are a lot of options to pay for the fake id cards online. To be aware of scammers and selecting the right maker of fake id is important.  Everything is online and express shipment with an extra buck is also possible.

  • Authenticity :

Since the fake ids are going to be used in the most technologically grown city in the world it is on par with the originals.  Starting from the raw material of Teslin to the magnetic strip and bar codes everything is done with care and caution so that the authenticity of the fake cards are maintained.

Not all states in the US have the same data on the license.  Depending on the state the cards are made to get through the verification.

  • Prices and discounts :

 The prices of the fake ids decrease with the increase in the number of the ids purchased.  It could be free for anyone ordering 3 cards for their friends to as low as 50 dollars for a fake id card.

  • Anonymity :

The customer’s details for getting the New York fake id cards are kept in total anonymity and there is no chance to anyone knowing about it.  This is of great importance to the real fake id makers.  This and the number of years in business separates the original from the scammers.

     Bounce the bouncers and buy the liquor you want with the real fake ids at a throwaway price and live freely and happily in New York.

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