After The Graduate Program – Successful Career Moves

A graduate exiting the halls of his hallowed school has the world at his feet. Perhaps a more economically compromised than before but even so, there are so many things that a graduate can accomplish.  Often, the transition from graduate day and the fanfare of graduation day to the culture of the corporate environment and the paucity of time and the impending knell of deadlines can be a nervous one.

There are a few transitions that need to be internalized quickly enough for the graduate to efficiently be a successful part of his new company.

The new code

Graduate school life and jobs have distinctly different lifestyles. Graduate school is about preparation whilst the first job is the culmination of over fifteen years of education into execution. The first different is in assessment. In graduate school, there are formal tests that evaluate proficiency. On the job though, deadlines, challenges in projects and other various oddballs that are natural occurrences in the office environment, test the true proficiency of a person to apply him in various scenarios.

It’s not all that difficult though. The routine soon sets in and the graduate becomes acclimatized to the rules of the new environment. The rules include dress code, punctuality, a sense of purpose and intuitiveness. We have been taught to follow codes since we learn to read and write so these are not very difficult to learn. The main advice that most business men give, including to the Goldman Sachs graduates from their COO, is to know what you want. They always say that the ascent up the corporate ladder is easier if we know where you want to end up. We are often flummoxed by the choices that are available but working the reverse makes the process easier. It makes the thinking clear and provides one with the mindset to learn things required to reach the desired destination.

Opportunities Galore

The present industry is said to be on a general decline. But for those who have worked through graduate school and have the required perquisites can attain gainful employment under programs such as the Goldman Sachs graduate program or the Deloitte graduate program. Top multinational companies often seek out graduates who have the attributes of an ambitious, able minded employee who can help the firm achieve more success. It is important to know one’s skills and to develop them in such a competitive market. There are multiple internship programs that provide an introduction to corporate life as well as provide an opportunity for the employer to evaluate your performance. These internships are now provided across many firms and can be easily found across the web. Many firms require the employees to have interned under them in order for them to understand the work culture that they will be working in. There are special certificate programs that happen across all universities. These small certifications help in creating a niche for oneself and to gain special skills which are valuable in the office.

The new breed

Crisp suits, sharp ties, sleek sedans and the impression of always going somewhere, modern day corporate workers cut powerful figures. These careers are for those who have high to climb and ideas to execute. In order to advance in such a cut-throat environment, the competitive always seek to polish their tools, to learn newer things and better ways of doing anything. It is important to note that despite impressions of a tragically exhausting lifestyle, corporate life now includes complimentary perks such as golfing weekends which help the corporate fellow keep his life peaceful. The corporate ambition is less about the power-hungry than it is for the hungry for challenges.

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